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| LightRunner® | Hybrid shoes for active people

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Do you want to feel like you're running barefoot without hurting yourself?

Nicolas T. - Toulouse " Very pleasant surprise! Looking for minimalist shoes for running, I wanted to test this model. I didn't have high expectations as I didn't know the brand, but after 8KM on the trail I adopted them.
A little heavier than bare feet, but otherwise very comfortable. They slip on by themselves, the soles are very flexible and you really appreciate the ground contact. A big advantage for barefoot beginners, they're much more forgiving of heel-first contact than other models designed for those more accustomed to this style of running. In short, I think this is the ideal model for those who want to try minimalist running without spending too many Euros..."

Why LightRunner™ shoes ?

Are you a backpacker? ⛺ LightRunner™ is the reference shoe to consider when packing light. No more need to take spare shoes! Enjoy camping under the stars with LightRunner🏕️

Construction durable

All-terrain shoes - To withstand hundreds of kilometers of use while retaining a flexible, thin sole (4 mm),  LightRunners are made from top-quality anti-abrasive polymers.

Your benefits :

  • Ultra-light (10.3 Oz / Pair) and Compact : roll them up and put them in your pockets, they'll follow you everywhere - from your Gym to hiking trails.
  • Unrivalled flexibility : Wake up your postural muscles and reconnect with nature while being protected from its dangers.
  • Durability and high quality : From the breathable synthetic fiber to the waterproof, abrasion-resistant rubber sole - your feet and toes will be safe and dry while experiencing unrivalled comfort and freedom.

Features :

  • Weight: 10.3 Oz per pair
  • Material : Synthetic, high-grade rubber, anti-abrasive and waterproof sole.

What size am I?

Measure the length of your foot to make your choice easier

lightrunner ultra chaussures hybrides confortables

Easy to maintain :

A - Machine wash your LightRunner™ - delicate cycle 30° C / 86° F .

B - Air dry - do not put in the dryer.

C - Store them away from direct sunlight and in a dry place.