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🎁LIVRAISON OFFERTE aujourd'hui - Nous livrons partout dans le monde 🌏
🎁LIVRAISON OFFERTE aujourd'hui - Nous livrons partout dans le monde 🌏
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch
GW68 Smart Watch

GW68 Smart Watch

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The ultimate smart watch for sport lovers? 

Here it is. 

This smartwatch has a unique design, perfect for every occasion. 

It works in English and Chienes and can be your tech helper for everday activity, including send notification and monitor your health. 

This product has the following features:

1.Anti-seismic and anti-fall function, good fall without damage, with superior anti-fall, high-altitude drop without damage, all-round protection of your watch.

2. Intelligent anti-theft function, mobile phone and Bluetooth watch within the distance of 5-10 meters, watch began to shake to remind you, no longer worry about loss, shopping, bus, subway can let you rest assured travel!
3. Large batteries can last for 200 days in standby mode for 20-25 days without charging and without charger.



Name: Smart Sports Watch
Applicable Platform: Full Compatibility
Applicable crowd: adults, the public, fashion, business, the elderly
Screen size: 1.3 inch full circle
Interface: magnetic attraction
Camera: None
Fuselage memory: 512KB + 64KB
Screen Material: OLED Color Screen
Wearing method: Wristband
Compatible System: Full Compatibility
Communication function: not supported
Menu Language: English, Chinese
Additional functions: health monitoring, information push, motion tracking, intelligent reminder, monitoring, sleep analysis, pacing, tracking/alarm, social entertainment, remote self-control, monitoring, health monitoring, social entertainment, tracking/alarm, intelligent reminder, information push, pacing, remote self-control, motion tracking, video entertainment, sleep
Wireless Distance: 10m or more
Battery capacity: 180
Operating mode: touch + button
Screen resolution: 96*64
Wrist Ribbon Material: Silica Gel
Packaging List: Data Line, Instructions Host
Strap Style: Sports Style
Compatible Platform: iOS
Watch strap size: L (suitable for 180-210 mm wrist circumference)
Function: Waterproof
Communication Type: Non-pluggable Card
Note: Containing battery, non-removable

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